Responding To Car Accidents And Truck Accidents

Auto accidents and truck accidents can ruin your day or they can ruin your life, depending on the severity of the injuries you suffer. This is especially true for collisions involving trucks and other commercial vehicles, since their size and momentum can do much more damage to smaller vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians.

Attorney Orlando Rodriguez has significant experience representing clients facing everything from relatively minor "fender benders" to life-changing collisions that cause catastrophic injuries. No matter the severity of your injury, personal injury firm Rodriguez Law PLLC will guide you through the legal process, so that you can claim the financial compensation to which you're entitled.

Legal Guidance After Accidents Involving Commercial Vehicles And Personal Vehicles

Hiring a qualified attorney is especially important if your injuries were caused by a collision with a commercial vehicle, because the owners of these vehicles have different responsibilities and more complicated insurance policies than those carried by most nonprofessional drivers.

Even if a company offers you a settlement right away, remember that it has every incentive to offer an amount far lower that you might be entitled to in court. It's best to consult with an attorney before you decide how to proceed.

Talk To A Lawyer Who Understands Motor Vehicle Representation

Personal injury attorney Orlando Rodriguez knows the short- and long-term consequences you face following injuries in a motor vehicle accident. Let him help you.

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